What is this?

This site is devoted to the history of the web. Not only will we remind you by telling what the web was like. Our main attraction is a timemachine that brings you back to any web era as defined by the browser version predominant at that time. For it is a browser emulator. If you are one of the early pioneers of the web, we believe that you will "feel again you" as we say in Sweden. Get a colourful flashback (or déjà vu, as they say in France) of those happy days when the Net was all painted in Mosaic grey.

Also: Now you don't have to install all of the older versions to see what your site looks like to people who stay behind!

The ambition for this site (right now) is to give you a feeling of nostalgia, and a general understanding of the evolution of the web. It is not to provide a comprehensive history of the web, nor an exact rendering of all old browsers. (Two very good sites for exact dates and facts are www.w3history.org and www.internetvalley.com. Almost all old browsers can be retrieved from browsers.evolt.org, and there is a compatibility testing service at www.delorie.com/web.)

Who made it?

This non-profit project is pure Web nostalgia made possible by generous sponsorship from Digital Equipment (web server), Bazooka Interactive (web graphics), Tele2 (Internet connection), and miscellaneous help and encouragement from the following people:
  • Elias Bengtsson
  • Ville Hising
  • Mats Lundström
  • Greg FitzPatrick
  • Johan Groth
  • Per Gullfeldt
  • Erik van der Heeg
  • Daniel Bergström
  • Kristoffer Frydman
Idea and implementation by Pär Lannerö <par.lannero@metamatrix.se> of Metamatrix Development and Consulting in Stockholm.

Copyright matters

The names Microsoft Internet Explorer, NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Navigator and Sun Microsystems Java and HotJava are registered trademarks of the respective companies. By referencing their products in these documents this site in no way endorses or is affiliated with these companies. The information is listed for public benefit and only serves to document historical information about the Internet and World Wide Web.


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If you have comments or suggestions on this project, if you find faulty information or bad links on the website, bugs in the emulator software or otherwise stuff that shouldn't be here, please don't hesitate to tell us! Have you seen this site mentioned in a printed newspaper? Please tell us, as there is no other way for us to know (and be able to adjust the site according to offline comments). Mail to: par.lannero@metamatrix.se!