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Cool links
Picks of the week 2000-07-24
"Deja Vu makes it clear: we've browsed a long way, baby."
"It's history in the making so, um, 'gopher it.'"

USA Today
Hot site 2000-08-02
"Relive those prehistoric days of the Web" Our featured super-useful site 2001-02-19

What's Cool 2000-08-11
"10 - Don't miss!"

Webmonkey 2000-08-19
Today's monkey bite
"The '80s retro trend is o-ver. What's in is mid-'90s retro."

Die Zeit
Article by Giesbert Damaschke 2000-07-31
"Die Spritztour in die Vergangenheit ist amüsant und lehrreich"
Article by Hemos 2000-08-03
"Very fun -- the timeline is interesting reading, too. It's like a trip down Memory Lane."

Le surf 2000-07-17
"L'incursion dans l'histoire du Web proposie par Deja Vu est peu commune."

The Guardian
Web watch 2000-08-10
"geeky entertainment"
"it should be required surfing for all web designers..."

Independent Digital
"here's a chance to relive it all"
"For an overview of Web browser history, check out Deja Vu".

carbon copy
Memories are made of this, August 2000
"What a rush, I almost cried."
Buzz 2000-07-13

eCompany Now
Site unseen 2000-08-09
"A window into the web's past"
"makes for a nostalgia kick"

Berliner Zeitung
Article by Tilman Baumgärtel, 2000-08-04
"Wenn es ein Netz-Museum gäbe, wäre "Dejavu" die Abteilung für Vor- und Frühgeschichte."

The Boston Globe
Article by Julia Lipman, 2000-08-30
"'Generation X' coiner Douglas Coupland once defined something called 'ultra-short term nostalgia,' exemplified by a sense that 'everything was so much better in the world last week.' Change the world to the Web and last week to five years ago, and you've got"

The Globe And Mail
Canada's National Newspaper, 2000-08-15
"try the vintage browsers that were popular in olden days"

Månadstipset, August 2000
"Mer internetnostalgi"

SearchDay, August 6, 2002
"It's both fun and instructive to use these emulators"

Astounding Websites
Website reviews, Discussion thread August 2000
"Holy Weinerschnizel!"
"I enjoy seeing any type of history presented cleverly and accurately (the historical links in the browser emulations are priceless...what a cool homage and clever contextual riff). This is definitely a case study for designing in the vernacular, and capitalizing on context and user interaction to facilitate learning."

Kim Komando Komputer Klinik
Kool Sites, 2000-08-04
"Hey Kids! Want to see how your parents surfed the web way back when?"

Israel Online
Site of the week(?), August 2000
Can anybody translate the text?

Vakkanam - the ultimate Tamil portal
article in tamil

World Online
Il sito della settimana, August 2000
"C'era una volta... il web"

Asia Online
Site of the week, 2000-09-04
"Take a trip through Web history"

Rapidly Changing Face of Computing Technology Journal, 2000-09-04
"insights into where the next eight to eighty years will be going"

Ars Technica
Weblog, 2000-08-03
"Ah, the memories."

Discussion thread, August 2000
"History of the Internet already!"

"Holy crap"

News Internet und Kommunikation
"Deja-vu für Surfer der ersten Stunde"

Navigalo, August 2000
"Brozer nosztalgia"
Can anybody translate the rest?

Les News
les articles, August 2000
"Il était une fois... le Web "
Article 2000-08-07
"Det er en morsom opplevelse"

Bangkok Post
International review 2000-09-13
"wonderful and authentic emulation"

Earth Times
Article by Warren Sullivan
"Take a look at the historical World Wide Web timeline to get an insight to how quickly we toss out the old and usher in the new. The automobile industry designs a completely new model perhaps every 5 to 7 years. In Internet time make that 5 to 7 months. Incredible!"

"Téléportez-vous dans cette belle époque!"

Western Carolina University
Computer Science 101 curriculum
"Check the Browser emulator."

NetKing, Israel
I have no idea what the text says, but the image looks nice. Can anybody translate?

"oh god. this is just really... cool."
front page
"This site looks best with NSCA Mosaic 0.9b"

"pretty convincing. ;)"

O'Reilly Network 2000-10-12
Form over Substance
"This is a great resource; spend some time here"

Site of the day, 2000-07-26
"Deja Vu lets you take a magical mystery tour"

Christian Science Monitor Wayback Machine
"just in case..."

weblog 2000-08-05
"Enable prehistoric mode, feel the charms of vintage browsers."

Day 17, Australia
"This is sooo cool! Relive the web in the days of horse draw carts"

ORF, Austria
Today's webtip
"learn about the Stone Age of cyberspace"
Article by Gunnar Garfors, 2000-07-14
"en nostalgibolge farer gjennom kroppen"
"il ne sert à rien, il est donc indispensable"

"Do the time warp"
Article by Mikael Pawlo, 2000-07-18
"Jag rekommenderar Pär Lannerös historiska återblick"

" is extremely cool"

"Relive the sloth-like speed, nightmarish user interfaces, and new-car smell of the web browsers of yesteryear"

Cidade Internet
Article, 16 de agosto de 2000
"Depois dos browsers, a web encontrou sua verdadeira vocao"
I have no idea what this Brazilian article says, but it's six pages long! has been the "site of the day", "click of the week" etc. on the following sites:
UK Plus
Excite's Webwaste: Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx
Danmarks Radio
Paisley's Cool Sites
PC Welt
Internet Internt Link-Empfelungen
RTL (French radio station)
Bayerischen Rundfunk (German radio station)
Montreal Gazette
Mystic Al's
e-Finity, Philippines
Lockergnome mailinglist
Hrekkjusvin, Iceland
Wish, Netherlands
Internet monitor, Hungary
The naked PC
De digitale stad, Netherlands
Iranian Times
PC Mike
Golden house-sparrow award
Startpoint Greece
Fidelity networks
My AltaVista
Rotterdams Dagblad
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